Mater – Salmon Building Repurpose


Date:17 Aug, 2018

Skills:S360 Electrical, S360 Hydraulics, S360 Mechanical

Client:Mater Private Hospital

Mater – Salmon Building Repurpose

Following the opening of the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Mater Health Services sought to repurpose the former Mater Children’s Hospital.
The project focused on the following areas of service:
Neurosciences – Neurosurgery and Neurology;
Mater Children’s Private Hospital (MCPH);
Adolescent and Young Adult.
The project scope incorporated a staged delivery process and 21 separable portions all within the one contract and at differing completion dates.
Level 1: Stanley Street entry point lift lobby; Patient Drop off point with awning
Level 2: Reception / Admissions; Consultant Suites (shell space)
Level 3: Consolidation of Allied Health to Eastern side; Consulting Suites (shell space); Relocated Conference Rooms
Level 4: MAYAC/ENT/Neuroscience Clinics; Respiratory/Sleep Medicine/Lung Function Lab; Epilepsy Unit; MAYAC Café and Training Centre
Level 5: ICU for Adult and Paediatric; Welcome Lounge; MCPH Day Surgery Area
Level 7: Ward 7 South – MCPH; Ward 7 East – MAYAC; Medical Day Unit; MAYAC Emotional Health Unit
Level 8: Neurosciences publicly funded; Neurosciences privately funded; Stroke Centre
Mater Adults Hospital (MAH) Level 4: Out Patient Department