Australian Radio Network | New Studios | Milton

ARN Milton s360 project Brisbane Air conditioning plumbing

Date:22 Jun, 2019

Skills:S360 Hydraulics, S360 Mechanical


Australian Radio Network | New Studios | Milton

S360 Mechanical and Hydraulics were proud to be part of the project for Brisbane 97.3FM and 4KQ’s new industry-leading radio broadcast studios located at the Kings Row precinct within inner Brisbane suburb of Milton.

The new state of the art studios for ARN is the first commercial radio network in the country to integrate cutting-edge new Audio Over IP (AoIP) technology across all of its on-air and production radio systems. It was a big move for the network, moving 70 plus staff from their old studio at Stones Corner, now taking up residence overlooking Brisbane, the river and beyond.

The new studio space was delivered within a compressed construction programme to accommodate ARN’s strict relocation timeframe.