Cbus Display Suites – 443 Queen St


Date:17 Aug, 2018

Skills:S360 Electrical, S360 Hydraulics, S360 Mechanical


Cbus Display Suites – 443 Queen St

S360 was engaged to supply Electrical, Plumbing and Air Conditioning services to the residential display suite for the proposed 443 Queen Street high-rise residential development.
Designed by acclaimed practice Architectus, in collaboration with Singapore based firm WOHA, the suite offers potential buyers the opportunity to experience the luxurious features of the proposed one and two bedroom apartments.
The buyer can imagine life on the upper floors through clever application of at-height photography carefully installed on the window panes and backlit to replicate the actual view that would be experienced by the resident.
The lavish finishes were carried through to the sales suite front-of-house with elegantly mirrored ceilings, simulated decking, sandstone walls, marble floor tiles and opulent light fittings.