S360 Plumbing


S360 Plumbing is a hydraulics contractor with diverse plumbing project and maintenance experience.

What can we offer?

  • Plumbing Installation, Alteration & Design
  • Drainage Installation, Alteration & Design
  • Hydraulic Installation, Alteration & Design
  • Plumbing Maintenance Services
  • TMV, RPZ, Double Check Valve & Backflow Testing
  • Co-ordination of Boiler / Chiller tap servicing & filter changes
  • Service Maintenance
  • Contracted Preventative Maintenance Solutions
  • Gas fitting

We pride ourselves on:

  • Maintaining high standards with acute attention to detail
  • Employing acute safety systems
  • Employing comprehensive systems and processes
  • Continually improving safety processes and documentation
  • Maintaining excellent supplier relationships to bring our customers cost-effective solutions
  • Completing every project on time and to budget
  • Being awarding repeat work from satisfied customers
  • Strong relationships with Brisbane City Councils’ Plumbing Inspectors & Department

Plumbing: plumbing@s360.com.au

Our Competitive Advantages:

Some of the many reasons our clients continue to choose S360 Plumbing are:

Experience – The combined plumbing contracting experience of the proposed four key people involved in your project is more than 100 years. The entire team are correctly qualified and have broad plumbing experience. Our team is technically skilled in their trade as well as very customer focused. They treat every job with a high degree of care and attention and strive to create happy and satisfied customers through the professional completion of their tasks.

Culture – S360 prides itself on being an open and honest company, meaning we do not play games. To avoid misunderstandings we believe in being polite and direct in our communication. We always act with integrity in all of our dealings.

Loyal Customer Base – From inception S360 Plumbing has not tried to be all things to all people instead we have chosen to stick to what we know and are good at.

An Excellent Environmental and Safety Record – This has been achieved by developing an Environmental, Health and Safety Management System and ensuring its implementation and ongoing use.

Track Record – We have an outstanding track which is evidenced by the amount of repeat work we are awarded. Referees contact details from recently completed projects will be supplied upon request.

Our People – Our directors and senior management are actively involved in all projects. Additionally, our entire team is very proud and passionate about what they do. They take full ownership of the project and get a lot of satisfaction and pride by exceeding our client’s expectations. We have a strong focus on customer service and we really are a contractor that treats you like a customer.

Time – We have never missed a deadline. Our extensive experience has given us a detailed understanding of the likely project challenges. This experience combined with our excellent project programming skills enable us to complete all projects in a timely fashion without compromising on quality or price.

Integrated Management System – We have developed an Integrated Management System [IMS]. Our IMS ensures we provide a professional and comprehensive approach to all projects and encompasses:

  • Quality – Our quality system and processes mean we can guarantee a smooth journey and quality finish on every project.
  • Environment – These initiatives ensure that the electrical aspect of your project meets, or exceeds, the latest ‘green’ guidelines and legislation.
  • Risk – S360 Plumbing has identified all potential threats and developed systems and process to manage them.
  • Safety – S360 Plumbing has a comprehensive OHS Management System and an excellent safety record.Our management systems are reviewed regularly to ensure we continue to develop and surpass requirements.

National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry – S360 Plumbing’s industrial instrument has been certified by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations as compliant to the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry.

Financially Secure – S360 Plumbing is 100% owned by InteriorCo Pty Limited. InteriorCo is the amalgamation of fifteen specialist organisations that service the commercial interiors market. Our financial position is very secure as we have the backing of a global banking group. An audited set of financials could be supplied upon request.

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