Mater Pregnancy Assessment Centre


Date:07 Jun, 2018

Skills:Electrical and AirConditioning

Client:Mater Pregnancy Assessment Centre

Mater Pregnancy Assessment Centre

s360 has experience in all sectors, including healthcare. s360 know the importance of being able to work in a live working environment and have minimal impact on surrounding public, staff or other trades. s360 Electrical and s360 AirConditioning were on location for this project.

Integrated into the existing Mater Mothers’ Hospital, the world-class facility will provide around the clock care for both public and private mothers from day one of the pregnancy until six weeks after birth.

This project was completed over multiple stages and included the conversion of outdoor spaces into additional consultant suites and the refurbishment of the pre-existing space. The new space accommodates 13 consulting suites, a reception area, triage room, one nurse station, public waiting area, private waiting area and a lounge for Early Pregnancy patients, a staff breakout area, Visiting Medical Officer lounge and staff amenities and change facilities.

Stringent noise restrictions due to neonatal intensive care on the floor above and birthing suites on the working floor were managed by clear and regular communication and efficient scheduling. No crane lifts were possible at the site so all materials were trolleyed in through the main front entry during quiet periods with spotters and tape barricades.